Taj Mahal
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Bharat Chugh Designs

Bharat Chugh Designs

  D-30 LGF  East of Kailash New Delhi-110065 India 
Tel & Fax : 0091 11 41325815 Phone numbers : 0091 9810683592 & 0091 9810284330 

Where Craft Surpass Imagination

Bharat Chugh Designs specializes in custom design and export of handcrafted architectural elements, decorative features, embellishments and ornamental furniture and specially commissioned works of arts, primarily in stone.

A key area of concentration has been participation in architectural projects like palatial houses, exquisite villas, gardens, hotels, luxury resorts, museums, palaces & sacred architecture like temples & mosques.
A set by Bharat Chugh, an architect together with his wife Shalini Chugh, we are committed to the revival and encouragement of traditional Indian and Islamic art and craft and to the creativity and remarkable quality exemplified by the magnificent achievement of the Taj Mahal. Inspired by the exceptional artistry of the great Mughal courts of India, we have identified and developed master artisans, who work in a broad range of materials and styles. These workshops are located at their respective sources in order to give the best prices to our clients.

Bharat Chugh Designs is a professional company with unique assets for designing, presentation and shop drawings, project management, production, shipping and installation. We work with international standards of quality and delivery. Our unique understanding of western taste & production in India greatly enhances this capability

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