Budha panel

Ram Darbar

Idol D001

Durga Moorti

Idol D002

Ganesh moorti

Idol D003

Sitting Ganeshidol

Idol D004

Preaching Budha

Idol D005

Dancing Ganesh in Makrana Marble

Idol D006

Makrana marble Sai Baba

Idol D007

Ram Sita idol in makrana marble

Idol D008


Dancing Ganesh

Idol D009



Carving infuses life into stones and our Shiva, Ram, Saraswati, Krishna, & other Hindu, Jain & Buddist Marble statues for Mandirs speak the eternal language of the spirit.

These Marble sculptures made by the hindu craftsmen are finest example of exquisite marble statuary of India. Our collection exhibits both traditional and contemporary styles.

Pure white statues are decorated with colorful paintings by fine master artisans. Gold leafing on jewellery is also done to create an aura of permanent gold finish.