Makrana marble stone carved with hand carving
Fine Hand Carving in stone, marble and hardwood

hand carved wooden jali carving

Carving N001


Hand Carved Marble Stone Panel carving

Carving N002


hand carved wooden caving

Carving N003

Jaislmer  Sand Stone Carving hand carved

Carving N004

Hand Carved Stone Panel carving

Carving N003



All of our products are hand-carved by hammer and chisel at our workshop in India by the most talented and experienced master craftsman, whose many years of training and cultural heritage ensure the creation of the most exquisite decorative treasures. Some of these sculptural artists are direct descendants of the dedicated artisans who were employed to build and carve majestic structures such as the Taj Mahal. The materials employed for hand carving are majorly sandstone & marble. Wood is also prefered for carving.