Inlaid carpet flooring

designer flooring tile

Flooring H001

Flooring tile inlai with MOP

Flooring H002

Designer floor in Italian Marble

Flooring H003

Inlaid floor borders

Flooring H004

designer flooring tiles

Flooring H005

Black inlaid flooring tile

Flooring H006

designer yellow jaislmer flooring tile

Flooring H007


inlaid stone floor borders

Flooring H008




We specialize in extremely high quality inlay for the flooring borders, dedos, medallions, & tiles choosing the best colored stone available with thicker and stronger slices to be set in with great care to create hairline joints.

The international standard adhesive and buff polish ensures better life and quality.

The interlocking and repeatable patterns are created onto marble/ stone tiles for easy & seamless laying.

Stone carpets and central motifs can add delicacy & elegance to any interiors.