carved marble maze
Fountain & Water features

wall fountain

Fountain A001

carved mughal fountain

Fountain A002

carved fountain inlaid with semiprecious stones

Fountain A003

carved leaf fountain

Fountain A004



wall fountain

Fountain A005


carved fountain

Fountain A006



Fountain A007




We have a range of indoor and outdoor fountains to suit ethnic and contemporary taste.

Designed for Mughal, Rajput, Turkish, Persian and European styles, forms and spaces, fountains are carved in marble or sandstones and set with colored stones using the decorative Pietre Dura technique.

Most of these floor and wall fountains are supplied with a working submersible pump.

The sizes range from 18 inches by 18 inches to decorate an interior of a residence to 15' wide or high for a Villa, hotel lobby or garden. Custom designed projects can be seen in the glimpses section.