Carved Stone Jalli
Pierced Stone Jalli Screens

Stone Jalli Screens

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Carved Stone Jallis

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Stone Jalli

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Stone Jali Screen

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Carved Jali Screens

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Marble Jalli

Jali B006

Stone lattice work is done in geometric and floral designs to create light effects & partitions. The screens also offer protection from the elements while allowing the passage of fresh air through the finely carved patterns. They can be used to adorn window openings, as balustrades, railings, grills and furniture elements.

We have range of designs to assist you to choose your style. These jali screens are sculpted from both sandstone and marble.

The stone panels can be upto 48" wide and nine feet in length. The thickness can be 3/4inches to 6 inches. The finish can be antique or new depending on the taste. We can achieve an accuracy of 1mm in carving.