Garden Pavillions & Rotundas


Wooden Pavillion

Pavillion M001

Marble Pavillion

Pavillion M002

Stone Pavillion

Pavillion M003

Marble Pavillion

Pavillion M004


Wooden Pavillion

Pavillion M005


Carved Sandstone Pavillion

Pavillion M006


Pavillion M007

Garden structures in wood, sandstone and marble are supplied with ready to lay floorings. Restored pavilions and reclaimed floorings can be available.

These pavilions are in various styles such as Rajput, Mughal, Jodhpur & Jaiselmer Chattries and canopies as well as European structures for gardens, swimming pools, luxury garden suites , gazebos, arched colonades etc.

These can be open on desired sides or completely closed with pierced stone lattice walls. All of them are ready to assemble and come with a assembly drawing. Roof can be of cast iron or stone. The ceiling can be carved stone or wood.

Add on accessories and decorative elements such as mirrors, carved doors, niches can also be provided to add special touch.