Pierced Jalli screens

Flower inlaid

Architectural Elements & Products

Decorative & Sculptural Stone fountains  for outdoor & indoors

Pierced Screens lattice work or Jalis carved in geometric & floral patterns

Sacred Hindu architectural altars & Temples

Idols of all Hindu, Jain, Buddha deities

Reproduction & original high quality western & ethnic Indian Sculptures

Finest Quality English and French style stone Hand carved Fireplaces

Designer Pietre dura Table tops studded with precious & semiprecious stones

Ethnic Floorings exquisitely designed which inlay craft or Parchin Kari

Islamic art & architecture including mihrabs, arabesque decorations & calligraphy

Wall panels done with floral decorations & trees of life

Semiprecious hard stone Veneers done on stone, wood or corian

Landscape Garden Elements like planters, benches, obilix, sundials

Ready to assemble Mughal & Rajput style Pavilion & rotundas

Fine Hand Carvings on hard wood marble & stone for doors, ceilings, borders

International range of Cement Mosaic tiles for terrazzo flooring

List of stones used for Carving

Sandstone yellow teak, grey lalitpur, chocolate red, karoli red bansi paharpur pink, beig, shivpuri white,Lime stone jaislmer yellow, safari, ita gold, kesri udaipur baroda green marbles.makrana white, rajnagar white, indian ivory marble, orissa black sansstone, black marble

List of stones for inlay

Black Belgium, Black Agate, Light and dark green pizer, Gar, Fancy jasper, Grey onyx, Grey agte, White agate, Moss agate, blood agate, Baroda green, tree agate, labrodrite, Dark and light green aventurine, Green Onyx, malachite, Canadian jade, Mahandi pizer, Yellow pizer, Orange onyx, Red jasper, Red onyx, red and pink aventuirine, Red and blue sun sitara, Iron tigre, Petrified red , pink pizer, carrot aventirine, Rose quartz, dark and light blue Lapis lazuli, Sodalite, Blue aventurine, Amethyst, Moon shell, cream moon shell, Jambu white, Mop, Ivory Gonga, Multicolored abalone shell, White marble, Black MOP, Petrified yellow, Camel jasper, Ajooba, Abri ( supari) fossil stones, Kahttu, yellow onyx. Tigre eye, Green Pakistani/ iranian onyx, Ruby, Rodochrosite, carnelian, Pink makran marble, Bidasar brown and green, Aqua marine, Blue azule, turquoise. Various shades of Italian marbles

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