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Major Projects

Projects have consisted of a number of important commissions in the field of Islamic calligraphy and mosque architecture; the supply of furniture, furnishings and decorative objects and elements to hotels around the world; and the design and manufacture of marble and stone materials for palatial houses, interiors and gardens.

18-19, Kensington Palace Gardens, London, United Kingdom 

This was later bought by Shri. Lakshmi Mittal and made famous as the most expensive houseArchitectural design, project management and supervision of marble and stone work for large-scale refurbishing of this palatial mansion. The work also included carved and pierced Mughal-style screens, marble fountains, large inlaid floral panels, and a swimming pool floor inlaid with lapis lazuli, agate, and mother-of pearl in a pattern inspired by a traditional Persian garden carpet

Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan , The Federal Territory Mosque of Malaysia,  Kuala Lumpur:

The ornamentation of this mosque was concentrated in two major areas:

The soaring Central Portal, the main entrance arch with three entrances is nearly thirty meters high. It is carved and inlaid in marble and semi precious stones, and serves as a striking and monumental entrance to the central prayer chamber.

The richly decorated Mihrab, prayer wall measures sixteen by fourteen meters and is constructed out of carved and inlaid pure white marble and set with a variety of semi-precious stones including lapis lazuli, malachite, green, yellow, and golden onyx as well as iridescent shell and mother-of-pearl.

The central recessed prayer niche constructed out of carved and inlaid marble panels and geometric forms secured onto a seven meter high frame draws its inspiration form the Muqarna honeycomb vaulting of classical Islamic architecture while at the same time integrating the latest computer and structural technologies

Movable Marble Minbar at the Holy Kabah, Mecca

Design participation, marble ornamentation exports and installation of the mechanical movable structure with finest hand carved Greek white marble studded with turquoise cabochons in twenty four carat gold frames. The dome was decorated with inlaid turquoise Qu'ranic calligraphy. It was a unique fusion of Modern German technology with traditional Indian craftsmanship.

The Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Supply of semi precious flowers, leaves and vines, to be set onto white marble columns white marble columns for the entrance and side arcades. ( on going project)

Spa extensions for Oasis, Le-Sports, Cariblue beach, St. Lucia , Caribbeans.

Design of the Ayurvedic center, Char bagh gardens with Mughal and Rajput influence of terraces and pavilions and water features together with semi formal architecture of Spanish Mediterranean arches, to form a fusion atmosphere of richness royalty and princely pamperness to indulge. ( on going project)

In addition to the above major international projects we have worked for:

Oswals at the Farm house of Nahar Spinnig Mills, ITC Group on their Mughal Sheraton Hotel, Agra Munjals of Hero Group for their Farm house in Ludhiana, Maharaja Palace Ludhiana, Amar Singh's house in Delhi, Ashqui group's residence in Delhi

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