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Pitre Dure Table tops

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Calligraphy table top

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Inlaid tabletop

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Table top

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Carved table base

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The timeless beauty of marble, with its elegance and durability, makes it a preferred choice for making decorative table tops. The technique used to create designs is Mughal version of Pietre Dura patronized by Shahjahan in the 16th century. A variety of colored marbles and semi precious stones are shaped and set into base stone to create an array of Indian, Mughal, contemporary and Florentine designs for table and countertops. We do inlay work on Round, Oval, Octagonal, Square Rectangular shape Table Tops. The base stone used could be Black Stone, White Marble, Green Marble & Other Color Marble. A variety of bases ranging from wrought iron to stone sculptures enhance the overall beauty of the table top.